There’s no gift like a trip to the movies!

The options are endless…

You could shout a ticket or popcorn if you’re watching the movie together


Visit us ahead of time and buy your friend/loved-one/coworker (whoever the lucky person is) some Movie Money!

Movie money is a booklet of 5 single use tickets, these all have to be the same ticket type (eg. 5x adult tickets). These are printed with a bar-code that can be scanned as a ticket for future visits to the movies!

Looking for something different?

Gift cards can be used to pay for both snacks and tickets! These expire after 3 years, so there’s plenty of time to use them during your movie visits

Visit us at the candy bar counter if your looking to purchase a physical gift card or click on the image below for the electronic version!


Two Great Locations

Chinchilla Cinema

Dalby Cinema